Clock customization

What is the competition in the future manufacturing industry?

The competition of future enterprises is not quality and service, but also mode and platform.

In the future, the entire clock market will decline, and the mass market will shrink.

Only personalized, humanized, and intelligent products will rise.

 POWER builds clock manufacturing platform 

POWER movement manufacturing platform

The platform is designed to bring together high-quality development companies in the industry.

Share the silent sweeping machine heart, smart clock movement,

Let the development of the industry really take the road of high quality.


POWER National Clock Accessories Manufacturing Center

The center aims to use advanced technology and materials.

In the spirit of craftsmanship,

Manufacturing high quality clock accessory products,

Create a platform for sharing accessories in the watch industry.


POWER has a leading

Mold workshop + automatic injection workshop + clock refinement workshop

Greatly shorten the production cycle,

Let the clock one-stop customization become an inevitable trend in manufacturing.

Make clock customization a weapon to enhance product power.

POWER has small-volume, customized flexible manufacturing capacity.

Under the conditions of consistent quality, delivery, and cost,
The production line can be switched between high-volume production and small-volume production.
Respond quickly to customer needs, including product innovation, fast delivery, and continuous replenishment.
To achieve production and sales harmony, production and sales matching.

Over thirty years of clock manufacturing experience,
Has more than 2,000 sets of clock production molds,
Ensuring that the product is divided into functions to achieve a modular design.
Established product family and component family
Standardization and generalization of components have been realized.
Great guarantee of fast, efficient and high quality implementation of clock customization.


Open shared platform

The era has evolved from a confrontational confrontation to a big stage of cooperation and mutual benefit.
In the past, relying on single-handedness, workshop-style production methods have long failed to meet the needs of the times for innovation.
In the future, the manufacturing industry will adopt a cooperative approach.
Give professional things to professional partners,
Open manufacturing platform
Take advantage of a professional platform
Improve overall manufacturing capacity
Create greater value in the market


Clock order / group purchase
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